Connecting Europe and America

Implementing e-Government ideas from the very narrow to entire nations. Born global betweeen the United States and Estonia, a vast number of the services that wrote the e-Government success story were our own. From returning land to families who had it seized for generation in 1990 Estonia to urban planning/permitting systems in Virginia and trade promotion in France this saga is far from over.

Geospatial Information Systems - With nearly all governement data related to location our GIS platforms function in harmony with live inputs from any data service. Visualizing and connecting data with near 100% uptime, desktop to mobile without a download, offline mobile editing and social media integration.

Planning permitting & inspections systems - Communities request, view, authenticate and pay for permits, inspections, and licenses eliminating time consuming office visits and calls. Saving localities ten times the cost of the tool. Officials receive notifications and process tasks using their web browser on any device offline or on.

Big data Census - National statistics, Central Banking, and Census massive data sets are flexibly visualized online, custom user data views, notes and eta data management in a simple way.

Trade promotion - Visibility, access, and advocacy for small and medium businesses part of a transatlantic supply chain or directly exporting. Born out of the T-TIP discussion Trade is Key is a US/EU collaborative program.

Tourism - A fusion of TrpAdvisor,, Google street view, YouTube content with the best custom maps in the world, your own! Visitors finally have accurate official information all in one place in their palm. Live event streams, itinerary builder, and social media, not your typical tourism map!

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